Thursday, September 19, 2013

Filling Time

I sometimes feel that if I had one less big thing on my plate, I'd do everything a whole lot better.  I feel that this semester in a big way.

I'm somewhere between just about caught up on everything and devastatingly behind.  And right there in the middle is I want a nap.


  1. I think everyone in the world would be happier if we had mandatory nap time. Lunch 12-1. Nap/Quiet time 1-3. Then go back to work. Hell, I only need 30 minutes to eat.

    At the very least, Wednesday afternoons must contain a nap time.

  2. Yes, but then the next thing you know we'll be required to submit Nap Assessment Reports and attend Nap Engagement Workshops and master techniques for Flipping the Nap. I think I'll just stay awake.

  3. Ahah, Bev, you made me laugh in my office!