Friday, September 13, 2013


Some students put up an effbee page about what we NWU instructors talk about.

And naturally, some NWU instructor found out, and posted on effbee about the page.  So all the friends of that NWU instructor have looked at the page.

And one of those folks submitted to the page that s/he longs to be quoted on the page.

I'm more than willing to guess that more than a few students know that the NWU instructors are chatting about the page on effbee, as well, and teasing each other about who's been quoted and what they've said.

What happens on effbee stays NOT on effbee.

(And yes, I'm already quoted.  I'm both weirdly happy and amused, and horrified.  There you go.  My sense of being a bit daring is overwhelmed by feeling that with all of us saying stuff, everything is just mundane.)

(I have a feeling this is probably something that gets action for the first two or three weeks of a semester, and then dies down until the next semester.)

ADDED:  And now, on the faculty page post, we have a comment assuring us that zie isn't worried, and another saying that zie doesn't find these that amusing.  Apparently, those of us in touch with our inner 12 year olds (and that's the level we're talking, as you can imagine) were thinking that this page was going to have a far more lasting impact than that video of the dog riding the roomba thingy. 

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