Monday, March 04, 2013


I had a student last year who was really into a performance thing.  And this weekend, I went to a campus event, and that student was doing the performance thing.  And it was so very cool!

And today, we were reviewing for the midterm in my Shakespeare class, and putting concepts up on the board.  One of the concepts, when I introduced it, I drew a picture, and during the review, one of the students drew a better picture for the concept.  I'm so impressed that she could remember it well enough to do a picture on the board, and that she was willing to as well.  (If you can teach a concept, then you've learned it, right?  And being able to draw it means you get it.  And given that you've seen some of my best art, you can imagine many students can easily do better.)

It's always cool doing this sort of review day because the students just cover the board in stuff, and it's very visible that they've learned a lot in the class.

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