Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring May Come, Or, When Good Dogs Photobomb

The snow is beginning to recede, and as it receded today, it opened up a patch of dirt near the driveway where I have a bunch of crocuses in.  So I thought I'd take a picture of the crocuses to celebrate.  But I'm dogsitting the neighbor's dog, and she decided that if there's a picture being taken, it should be of her.  You can get an idea that there's still plenty of snow on the ground (there's a drift behind her from where I put snow I dig off the driveway, so it looks higher than it mostly is).

She's very curious about what I found so exciting.

You can see here that the crocuses are coming up!  There's still snow to melt, but this looks like spring may really be on the way!  Get up those stairs, Persephone!


  1. LOL dogs are such hams! My crocuses are just about to bloom and actually one did right before our snow on Sunday/Monday. It's all melted now. The blooms are still gorgeous even after being buried under snow. The ones with buds? Don't know. They might not bloom at all now. We were down in the 20's for the past several nights.

  2. Hurray for crocuses! They make me very happy. Ours are coming on very slowly, thanks to a week of wretched cold weather. I see eight blooming out there right now but we planted 30 bulbs so I'm hoping for more.

  3. First crocuses are always a lovely sight, aren't they? Must remember to plant more in the fall in my front yard.

    How has your search worked out, if you don't mind my recalling earlier posts in a comment here? Hope you have gotten a happy yes from someone by now. (We are waiting for candidate #4 to visit--fingers crossed on that front.)