Monday, October 29, 2012


We're supposed to help our writing students develop digital literacies, so I planned my class day to introduce them to a couple of programs which might be useful in their research for the current project and the later project.  One was a curating program and one was blogger; the idea is that either of these can be used to link an electronic resource of some sort and make notes about it.  I've also suggested they try folders and or index cards.  I really don't care how they do it, but I want them to read and take good notes.

But first, we had a quiz.  So I turned on the projector and put up an image for the quiz.

And the screen looked like the image had been washed over in blue.  It was a really nice, deep, intense blue.  But it made the image uninterpretable.  It was like a variant on the blue screen of death, except the computer was fine, and it was a much more intense blue.

That's never happened with a book.

Fortunately, our tech folks are pretty darned wonderful.  I called the number, and a few minutes later, a nice woman showed up and started checking things out.  She eventually climbed up on a chair on top of a table (with a couple of students holding the chair steady, and standing by), and restarted the projector manually, and it was fine.  But it was still a good 20 minutes into class working around it.

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  1. I recently spilled a 28-ounce bottle of water in my bag, all over some papers that either needed to be graded or were already graded. The good thing was that the papers dried out. If I'd spilled 28-ounces of water on my computer, I'd probably have to replace it ($2000) and all the data on it would be either gone or costly to retrieve (minimum $200). I love technology when it works, but give me paper whenever it's possible!