Wednesday, October 03, 2012


One of my students is struggling quite visibly.  Zie gets confused about assignments, can't find assignment sheets, and so on.  It's not that zie isn't trying or working hard, because zie said zie looked at the course web management site for the sheet, and didn't find it (because I hadn't put it up, though now, thanks to this student, I have).

I think it's more of a cognitive difficulty.  Zie needs a lot of support, but this college isn't really a place that supplies that sort of support effectively or easily.  I'm trying in my class, of course, but obviously blew it at least a bit by not putting up the latest revised calendar.  And, naturally, the calendar revisions are my way of trying to deal with the ever changing stuff coming from the head honchos, so things are way less organized for the students than they usually are in my classes.

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