Wednesday, September 05, 2012


You have to imagine me taking a victory lap around my department, hands raised, yelling with joy.

You know how often we teach something, and come back a couple of days later, and ask something about it, and the students give you a blank look? 

And then it gets even worse when they finish the class, and a semester later they're in another class, and they can't remember even the most basic thing you talked about in the last semester?

If you've taught, you've probably had those happen.

But today, one of my colleagues stopped me in the hallway to say that she'd asked her class about Orientalism, and a student had been able to basically define and explain the idea from Said, and when asked, that student said zie had learned about Orientalism in my Marlowe class last semester.

Now my colleague thinks I'm a rockstar teacher (for the moment, at least).

And one of my students learned something!!!!!  Hurray!!!

And retained it over a summer!

(I'd like to take credit, but I'm willing to bet the student should get the credit.  Yay student!)


  1. What a fabulous story! Wheee! You contributed to student learning!!! Yay!

  2. Isn't that cool! Love it when that happens...

  3. Congratulations. We live to hear that a) we've trafficked in information that might be useful to our students down the road, and b) to hear that they actually retained something we'd want them to have retained.

    So, yay for both you and your student!