Thursday, September 20, 2012


The women's volleyball team did a faculty appreciation thing yesterday evening, and I got invited, along with numerous colleagues, three of whom were also from my department.  We rule, it seems.  At least it looked like we pretty much outnumbered all the other departments.

I was asked by a first year student, and I'm guessing she asked me in large part because I'm the only teacher she has this semester for a class of less than 50, and so seem a bit less intimidating?  I'm guessing that's also true of the other English instructors asked.

The game was interesting, though I know nothing about volleyball.  I have to say, some of those women pretty much take flight when they serve or do the slam thing.  It's amazing.  Really.  There was one woman who was perhaps all of about five foot five, who got herself pretty high above the net to smack the ball again and again.

Did I mention we won?  That was good, too.

Afterwards, a couple of us from the English department walked out together and trash talked other departments.  We talked about how our students have thesis statements, baby!  And topic sentences!  Yeah, you know who's assigning lots of writing, uh huh!

I think we may not quite have the trash talking thing down, somehow.  This wants investigation and research.

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