Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I was reading a blog thing this morning, and it occured to me that there are a couple different sorts of blogs I like to read. Of course, I really like the personal blogs, especially of other academics, that help me feel connected from flyover country.

But of the others, I also like a blog that tells stories of some sort, short narratives that help me see the world from a different perspective. (Think "Waiter Rant," for example.) Others don't do narratives, so much as short focused essays that make me think about how I do whatever, or how other folks do stuff. I really like those.

But I don't usually see those about teaching. Would they be useful? I was thinking about doing a series of blogs as I work up the syllabi (or syllabuses, if you go Greek) for the three classes I'll be teaching on that Island over there.

I'm wondering, because I bet I would learn a lot from seeing how other folks, especially folks in other fields, make up a calendar and plan a course. And I bet grad students might find it helpful to think about how to do it, too.

Worthwhile, or no?

*Clearly, I am in grading avoidance mode today!*


  1. richard12:09 PM

    I for one would love to see your syllab(i|uses), and how you deal with academic live over there. Please do!

  2. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Absolutely worthwhile.

  3. And really interesting!

  4. I always post my syllabi. But, I almost never get any feedback on them. I have one for next semester posted already and have two more to write.

  5. I think it would be interesting. And also teaching stories.