Sunday, May 08, 2011

As Good As It Gets

I went out to enjoy the garden a bit this morning, and found this. Searching the web suggests that it's evidence that the tree's a snackbar for Sapsuckers, and in this area, probably Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers. So now my two bigger pine trees are sporting pie tins. (Fortunately, I had some pie tins with pre-cut holes from a restaurant that has long closed down here, so I could just string through the holes.)

Just in case you were wondering, I tasted the pine sap (because if birds like it, maybe it's yummy). It's not yummy. And it has a sort of aftertaste. It's not worse than mildly unpleasant tasting, either, though. I also called a friend to check, and the current stuff on dealing with tree wounds are to leave them be and let the tree's evolved, erm, habits? do their thing. (It's weird to think of trees having habits, but you know, the ways trees have evolved to deal with wounds and stupid Sapsuckers.)

While I was tying on the pie tins, I got the call that what needed to be done today with my Mom had been done, and went as well as it could have, which is very good news indeed. Now we wait and hope for the best, while the people closer do the taking care of her part.

Thanks for all your kind and thoughtful words, everyone. I haven't asked to speak to the doctor, mostly because he's already talking to my Mom, my Aunt, and my Uncle (who's a retired doctor, as it happens). I don't think I have anything to add to decision-making, so I don't see why the doctor should need to explain things to me, and maybe my brother in addition. Were I needing to make decisions, then I would, for sure, ask for explanations in order to make good decisions.

I think what irritates me most about the Sapsucker issue is that I haven't seen even one in the yard. It would only be fair, if they're going to eat off my trees, that they let me see them, right? Meanwhile, the tree is busy with it's second pine cone! The first did it's thing last year, and now there's a new one growing.

Spring seems to have arrived. I saw the first Oriole on Friday afternoon, and got a couple of pictures yesterday. I interrupted this one on the orange, and it gave me the old stink eye for a bit while it waited for me to leave.

There's also a little Eastern Phoebe (I think) hanging about the yard, chowing down, and very occasionally posing for a photo. (I'm sort of proud of this picture, by the way since it's mostly in pretty good focus.)


  1. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery. Glad the procedure is over and the healing can begin.

    Beautiful pictures, btw.

  2. yay, spring!

    glad the thing got done and went well, and join the wishes for a speedy recovery.

    maybe your uncle the doctor can help interpret or explain if you have questions about the varying reports? (a lot of my questions tend to be along the lines of "what does this mean?" and "what can we expect?" sometimes what sounds discrepant or potentially worrisome isn't really.)

    even though you are not a decisionmaker, it's not like you are unaffected. and, as you noted before, the way info is going around is like telephone tag -- not everyone is hearing the same things, and one never knows when somebody has a relevant piece of info, or an overlooked question of importance.

  3. I'm glad to hear things seem to be progressing well with regards to your mother's health.

    I love the last picture: very peaceful. Given all the stress you've experienced the last few days, you'd think the sapsuckers would give you a break and pose, too!

  4. My father always brings his medical reports and questions to me (even though, like you, I am not that kind of a doctor!) and I interpret for him what they mean. While my mother stands in the background and explains what she thinks the doctor really said.

    So I feel for you.

    Glad everything is going well.

    Also -- trees evolving habits. I love this.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your mother (hadn't caught the previous posts until today), but relieved that she seems to be on the mend.

    Thinking of you and your family.

  6. Oh dear! I'm sorry to hear about the worries, glad that Y and Z have happened with dispatch, and hope all is smooth sailing from here on. Thinking of you and your mom.

  7. If someone comes up with a magic way to keep everyone in the loop all at once (that does not involve Facebook), please publicize it widely!

    Your spring pics are lovely.

  8. Those sapsucker holes are freaky -- it almost looks like a disease rather than bird holes.

    Glad things are going well with your mom.