Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happiness is not...

reading a really irritating research paper, especially when it's almost 20 pages long. How could a student put so much energy into so much craptasticness?


  1. At this point in the semester, I'd be happy to see invested energy. I'm a little tired of doing a 15-week tap dance.

    What's irritating about the paper?

  2. cut-n-paste? and/or, lack of even peer-level editorial suggestions, such as "dude, this is way too long, and you're repeating yourself, and wtf with these cites?"

  3. Heh heh. You said craptasticness. Love.

    Not fun. I know.

  4. This is why page limits are your friend. Seriously, my second-year students are writing five two-page papers rather than one ten-page paper.

    Reading two pages of a misfire is a lot easier to handle than ten pages, let me say. Reading twenty pages? Do not want!

  5. It was irritating, but not a bad paper. It's hard to separate those two sometimes, alas.