Monday, March 22, 2010

Old Lear New Lear

I ordered the Arden3 Lear for my Shakespeare course this semester, but most of my Lear notes are in a New Cambridge edition, so I spent some time this morning transfering textual notes.

It surprises me, though it probably shouldn't, how differently I react to some things in the play because of the typesetting. I think the NC is a tad clearer as a typeface, and I'm finding it hard to move from one edition to the other.

But the NC notes tend to overwhelm students more than the Arden notes (at least, those who remember to look at the bottom of the page occasionally). And Arden is a step cheaper, which can make a big difference to budgets (though not as bad as science textbooks, I bet).

This is the excitement of my life right now.

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