Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Dickenson was Wrong

Hope is not the thing with feathers. Hope is the first sign of green sprouting as the snow melts in the spring.

A friend spotted his first spring robin yesterday, so maybe there are feathers involved after all?

It seems like these bulbs (mostly daffodils in this bed, with some Grape Hyacinth and Crocus, too) are sprouting awfully early this year. But they should be hardy, and not too badly damaged even if we get more snow (and we probably will).


  1. It's looking kind of springy here too! That is, no snow built up on asphalt or sidewalks, only on grassy areas. Of course, I won't exactly put my sweaters away or anything, but. . .I should get on that gardening if I'm going to!

  2. Although it spat snow here today, there was a distinct skunk odor near campus yesterday, and a colleague has convinced me that a skunk is as good as a daffodil as a sure sign that spring is somewhere around the corner.