Friday, October 23, 2009

Dim Light

Not the best picture, and the light was going and the Downy Woodpecker wasn't thrilled when my flash went off, but I wanted to get a picture of the snow. The vine-looking thing he's (I'm guessing from the red on the back of the head) is actually a bent-over sunflower plant.

We've got some heavy, wet snow today. I pushed it around my driveway, and even though there wasn't much, it was a pain.

I'm so not ready for winter.

My classes are all doing the cough and hack thing that happens when the weather gets nasty and we all try to fight off little colds. Some of my students are emailing to say they think they have the flu; I'm inclined to believe them more than in most years (when a gastro bug gets called "flu").

I went to a local box store this week and got myself a seasonal flu shot. The local clinic usually does a flu vaccination thing in late October, but the website says it's indefinitely postponed for lack of vaccines. So, I paid my hard-earned cash rather than wait. It just seems that an extra couple of weeks could be really helpful, especially if we all get hit by the regular flu season after the H1N1 thing has gone through.

I think the swine flu shot's coming too little too late for me. I'm not in a priority group, and the swine flu seems to be pretty widespread in the state (according to the state health website tracker thingy). So by the time I could get that vaccine, I'll either have already caught that bug or not. Oh well.

Here's good news: the friendly pup from across the street is going to visit tomorrow night, so I'll get a whole load of puppy therapy and snow play!


  1. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Here's to puppy therapy!
    And yes, I had that snow a few weeks ago: too damned early. A toast to an early spring?

  2. I've had a cold/sinus infection for two weeks now. It's altogether too long! And they have canceled the flu shots on campus.

    Snow! I can see it on the mountains, though it's warm during the day here.

  3. We had snow this time last year, the first time I can ever remember it in October. This year, however, it is too warm for the time of year, so all the thick jumpers I laid in ready for the cold are languishing in the cupboard. Oh well - there is time yet, unfortunately.