Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A Different Sort of Meeting

I went to a meeting today about teaching abroad. I'm excited, but not particularly hopeful because budget cuts have hit teaching abroad here at NWU hard.

But still, it's a cool program, and would be a new place for me. (Though part of me would love to go back to Japan. At least I know the alphabet in the new country!)

Fingers crossed, please.


  1. Best of luck. You would be wonderful and the program would be lucky to get you.

  2. Fingers and toes are crossed!

  3. good luck... knowing the alphabet makes you feel much less stupid.

  4. crossed fingers!

    my daughter is having a wonderful year abroad in japan! she particularly likes one american professor. aside from being instructive in his subject, he clued the students into the rescue cat lady in akita, so she had a place to go when she found a lost and injured kitten.

    i'm hoping he can help her find an international fax, if nobody else can, because one of my daughter's strengths is NOT looking at her university email. which is why she didn't accept the financial aid package on time, was cancelled for financial aid, and therefore got a personal bill for manymany dollars.

    one fax will fix it. when you mention the not-clued-in-ness of students? i so get that.

  5. well, i guess all that is an argument against teaching abroad. sorry.

  6. Indeed! Everything's crossed that can (or should) be.