Sunday, March 08, 2009

SAA Meetup?

Anyone else up for a meetup?


  1. I'd be interested if the timing works out. (I'll be staying with my parents outside the city, and I'd rather not drag them out to the Metro station at all hours to pick me up, so late afternoon / early evening is best for me.)

  2. I'd love to meet up! I''l be at SAA on Saturday only, though, so....keep me posted if you do hold something!


  3. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Metro? I don't know what SAA is, but are y'all in DC?

  4. Hey! Thanks for taking the initiative, here--meant to post something myself, but have been feeling alternately overwhelmed & terribly flakey this semester.

    I'd love to meet up, though. Will be in town from earlyish on Weds through Sun morn, staying in the main hotel.