Friday, March 13, 2009

Break Planning

Here's the plan; let's see how much I actually accomplish:

1) Grading
--peer editing for all three classes (yeah, the timing is especially stupid)
--essay for writing class
--revisions for writing class
--poetry essay thing for poetry class
--midterms for poetry and drama classes
--quiz for writing class

2) Garden
--chop down overgrown, nasty bush BEFORE birds start nesting there again.
--clean out one nesting box (another is already clean)
--repair third nesting box.
--fantasize about how many bulbs I can put in where the overgrown bushes that I'm chopping down were, and about putting in a couple small trees (serviceberry, maybe)

3) Fun
--visit marsh
--visit river to see buffleheads that are supposed to be there
--visit crane or eagle place
--visit local history museum (I know what you're thinking, but we have a pretty darned good local museum, and they have a new exhibit!)
--read a book a friend lent me
--have lunch with a pal

4) Class Prep
--prep for library visit for writing class; meet with librarian, maybe?
--order book for next year's common text
--reread plays for the rest of the semester, at least two of them
--prep a week or two of poetry class

5) House
--hunt down and kill the nasty beetles that AREN'T ladybugs!
--call the repair place about getting my drier fixed (it's been a couple months, but who has time to take a day to wait around for a repairperson to get the drier fixed?)

6) Exercise
--bike! BIKE!!!! It's supposed to get above 40 this coming week!
--clean ski stuff out of the car and wax the skis. Figure out where they live during the summer (laundry room, I'm thinking)

7) Other
--feed and medicate friend's cats

Egad, I'm exhausted just looking at this!


  1. I have a "ladybug" problem here too...they come through my screen door in droves.

    As for trees, depending on your climate, have you thought about planting redbuds? I just love how they bloom in the spring.

  2. Holy Wisconsin, Batman. I'm exhausted just reading this list.

  3. Here's hoping for a productive break! My break is next week too, and I've got my grading all planned out as well ...