Sunday, November 16, 2008

Twenty-Five Years After

I grew up on M*A*S*H*. The series lasted through my teen years, and into my Peace Corps service. I remember talking about it obsessively in middle and high school. My watching fell off in college, but I still saw it fairly often.

The show ended while I was in the Peace Corps, and so I'm one of those people who didn't watch the final episode. I had heard bits about it, but I never saw it. It doesn't play often on reruns, but tonight it played, and so now I've finally seen it.

You know, even after 25 years, that's a pretty darned good TV show.


  1. I was raised on that show, although it ended before I was born (I think), and I argue with my friends about this because I think that it is the wittiest, smartest show that has ever been on television.

  2. I have all ten seasons on DVD. I swear that M*A*S*H got me through preparing for my comps. I'd take a short study break every few hours to watch an episode. Great stuff.

    I've never watched the last episode, however. Haven't quite wanted to, somehow.

  3. I was raised on it too, and I love it to this day (although I was raised on the first wave of reruns, I guess, having been born in 73 and didn't start watching it until I was seven or so. yes, I was a creepy kid). Thanks to the wonders of cable TV, it's on the Hallmark channel 4x daily, and TVLand usually 2x daily if not more. I totally agree that it's wittiest, smartest show that's ever been on TV.

  4. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Same here - born after it ended but grew up on it just the same thanks to my dad (I remember that it came on every night just past my bedtime so because I heard the theme music every night - I knew the theme music before I'd ever really seen an episode. Between my father and me we have all the seasons on dvd (argued a few years over who got to buy it as a Christmas present for the other one too) and we keep them separated into a even season collection and an odd, and we switch every so often...
    But its no where near as fun to watch by myself because me and dad like to start quoting along with it.

    Favorite episode: Deal Me Out

  5. I love that show, and the song never fails to make me teary-eyed.

    Love the movie even better.

  6. love the show, loved the movie. i've hardly seen it in years, but go running for the TV if i hear the theme song.