Sunday, November 09, 2008

Shopping Spree

Nothing says "Don't Shoot!" quite like a bright orange jersey, right? It's not actually blaze orange, alas, but something called "persimmon orange." Who would name a biking jersey, a jersey that's going to get sweaty and nasty in no time, after a fruit?

I've never eaten a persimmon, I don't think, either. Why not just call it orange? I don't get naming clothing after food, I guess.

A blaze orange jersey would be even better, and I'd totally buy a blaze orange camo jersey if I could find one, just for the amusement of passing drivers.

And now, I'm going to put that on and take a ride in my sunroom, because it's cold outside!


  1. You probably need the size that fits over your coat -- this time of year especially -- with all the hunters out and about.

  2. I was wondering if that wouldn't be a little chilly for late fall/winter riding. It's probably not too chilly for the sunroom!

  3. Hey you two! The jersey goes over one or two "base layers"! I'm not totally nuts!

    (I can ride down to about 30 degrees if it's reasonably dry out, and then my face gets so cold that it's not fun, so I come inside.)