Sunday, October 26, 2008

Naif at a Meeting

Every so often I get smacked in the metaphorical face by my naivety. It happened again the other day at a meeting with some deanlings and faculty folks, some of whom have been here a long time.

One of the deanlings made a joke about how we reorganize high level offices/groups whenever a powerful faction of the higher ups want to get rid of a 2nd/3rd tier administrator but don't have the guts to actually fire the person.

People laughed. I sat there and tried to stop my mouth from gaping before it became too noticable.

But you know, we've had a surprising number of high level reorganizations in the few years I've been here, and every time some 2nd tier administrators have had their positions disappear and gone elsewhere, while minions of the survivors have taken their places. There's always an official line about how the reorganization will make us a leaner institution, of course. Maybe just meaner?

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  1. That makes two of us who are naive, then. I'd never thought of this, but it's true.