Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Fun

I did it! I hit a 17 mph average for 18 miles today (just got it as I was coming to the first of many slow downs in the last two miles of my ride). That's like 25 kilometers per hour! (I'm way faster in metric!)

For real bikers, of course, a 17 mph average would be a joke, but for me it's a pretty big milestone. Back in May 2007, I was working on trying to get to an average of 16 mph, and when I got close, I posted about it. So to be totally self-referential, here goes again.

I don't always think of myself as really good at putting together social stuff, but I've put together a dinner out group for tomorrow night at a bakery place in a town about 40 minutes away. On Saturdays, they do a "make your own pizza" thing; when you "order," they bring you a tray with a spread out pizza dough, and you go over and put on whatever toppings look good. Then you hand the pizza over to a staff person, and a while later, you get it back, cooked! It's really fun, and the pizza I had before was amazingly good. They have a Thai peanut sauce that brings a smile to the taste buds. The folks I've invited don't mostly know each other, but they're all good folks, so they should!

And now, I should be grading, but it's almost 9pm, and I'm going to bed. I'm trying to fight off a cold. [Question of the day: Should someone bike with a cold? Obviously, I wasn't having any trouble breathing or anything, and didn't feel lousy. In fact, once I got on the bike and got my rhythm, I was really happy to be outside having fun. And I was dressed warmly enough to be comfortable (hat under the helmet, long-fingered gloves, tights, long sleeve "technical" undershirt under my jersey, wool socks).] But now, it's definitely time for a medicinal toddy!


  1. Wow - Im lucky to hit 10 mph. Very impressive!

  2. But remember, I ride a "Miata" sort of bike, and it sounds like you ride an SUV sort of bike. Makes a world of difference! (Also, that's on a pretty flat rails to trails trail, with minimal wind or traffic.)

  3. I think 17mph is pretty impressive! Congrats!