Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Newsflash: An Uncomfortable Truth

Grading is no more enticing in a foreign country than it is at home.

I saw this interesting article (a computer site) with supposedly really helpful free downloads. Some ARE great (Zonealarm, for example). But I stupidly did a virus check one, and stupidly clicked yes without looking carefully at the add on things. My computer didn't have a virus. But suddenly, any time I opened up a new internet tab, it made this clunking sound. A really irritating clunking sound.

So I did a reset. Yep. The clunking sound was THAT irritating. Seriously, what nincompoop adds a clunking sound to a program s/he's putting together without thinking, "you know, after three of four times, that will be really irritating, and even someone as ludditic as Bardiac will do the reset thing to get rid of it." (Am I all that unusual? If I want sounds from my computer, then I'll play something myself. But I HATE going to a blog and having it play some stupidly loud music. Grrrr. /rant done)

So, the clunking sounds are gone. Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster. And my internet looks a little cleaner, which is sort of nice. I may re-add the add on that I basically liked, but other than that, I sort of like having more room to actually see the internet.

(So, back in the day, I remember when it was just so bleeping cool that I could put sounds on my Amiga so that when I put in a floppy disk, it made chewing sounds and stuff. A few times, though, and even the delights of those toys got irritating, especially if they slowed the computing part down each time.)


  1. Do you remember that dog that used to be on some word program? Was it Microsoft Word? It would make panting noises when it fetched your files, and yip when it saved them, and every now and then when you hadn't done anything for awhile it would curl up and start snoring...I miss that dog.

  2. it was the paperclip thing on word. that damned thing made me ANGRY. i hated that icon and all its ugly tricks. not that i'm still bitter or anything.

  3. or it could be a cat! kind of annoying and cute all at the same time.
    Sorry--but not surprised-that grading overseas is not magically different than grading at home. may it all fly by!