Monday, December 31, 2007

The Year in Review

Last year at this time, I posted about what had happened in the previous year. Can it really be two years now since I visited the Everglades? On December 31st, I talk about going for a bike ride. I'm not biking outside nowadays because we've had snow, loads and loads of snow, and we're due for more. And it's colder this winter right now than last.

On the other hand, I got a new bike this year, and it's great fun, and I've been biking a lot more than last year. Except not so much lately. I'm just not as happy at indoor biking.

And getting ready to teach abroad is very much at the center of my mind these days; I leave in a few short weeks. [Stop for a momentary panic attack.]

I had three goals for the year that I didn't put in writing, and I'm happy to say I've done pretty well with two of them. The first is about grading in a more timely manner. I really succeeded at that pretty darned well this past semester especially. I'm not perfect, but I did a whole lot better.

I'm mostly happy with my teaching this year. I'm not so happy with some of the university politics, and less happy with regional and national politics. I need to focus on what I can change, rather than on what makes me unhappy. That's the big goal for the year. New Kid has a post today on being mindful as her goal, and that seems like a great goal to me: think about what you do, and act with purpose.

The one I didn't do well with is still a goal, and something I need to focus more on.

On January First of this year, I posted about trying to get my retirement planning more organized and thought out. Now, indeed, my friend has retired. And I did go talk to the campus retirement planning person, and it was helpful. Before going abroad, I've rebalanced some stuff, mostly to give me more cash day-to-day while I'm overseas. And I've cancelled some of the monthly charge stuff (and still need to cancel the TV cable).

My travel plans are in place, tickets purchased.

All in all, then, a year in which I had good health, did decent work, enjoyed riding my bike, tried to be a good friend (and sometimes succeeded) and a good relative (and sometimes succeeded). Good bye, 2007, and welcome 2008 and a really big adventure!

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  1. Welcome 2008, indeed! I look forward to reading about your adventures.