Thursday, October 19, 2017

Waiting for ...

Last Saturday, my laptop had an accident involving some liquid and the keyboard.  I turned it off as quickly as I could (for some reason, holding the button down even for a long time just made it sleep for the first three times).  And then after drying it as well as I could, I set it upside down to dry.

On Monday, I took it to the tech Guru here, and he took out the battery and hard drive, suggested I put it in front of a fan for at least four days (total) and said he'd dry the hard drive for a day and then try to pull my files off for me.  I gave him my external hard drive.

On Tuesday, he gave me my external hard drive, and indeed, he'd saved all the files I'd asked for.

This morning, I took my computer to him again, and he reinstalled the battery and hard drive, plugged it in, and turned it on.  The screen did it's usual "starting up" thing, and then went black with a little twirly thing going around and around.  And it's been doing that for about four hours now.

No smoke, no flashes of light, so that's good.  But the twirly thing going around and around.

The Guru says it might be that Windows did an update and the computer is trying to manage that.  Or there may be something else.

So we wait.  There's been no error message so far.  Just the twirly thing.



  1. I've done that -- spilled coffee on my keyboard. The kid has done it so many times they only drink from sippy cups around their computer now.


    I hope it works!

  3. My computer is back! YAY!