Saturday, October 07, 2017

On My Back

The last week in September, we had a long weekend.  For me, that started early Wednesday morning, when I helped a visiting faculty person get to Heathrow airport.  There's a train involved, then a tube ride.  They shouldn't have needed help, but they didn't feel confident, so I helped.

And there I was in London!  So I spent Wednesday afternoon getting a History Card and reading at the London Metropolitan Archives.  One of the librarians there went above and beyond in helping me out.

Thursday, I went to put my British Library reader's card to good use.  Friday, too, and also most of Saturday.

I stayed in one of those tiny hotel rooms in the King's Cross area, the sort where you barely have room to stand, where you can reach the shower from the bed, and so forth.  The bed was a bit like a canoe for sleeping (not comfortable).

And so, I left Saturday on the train (because the Library is closed on Sundays) and at some point I realized I'd really messed up some muscle in my back with spasming.  Whether it was reading for 6-8 hours, carrying a backpack at an odd angle up and down stairs, not stretching, sleeping in the canoe, or what, but ouch.

I'm sitting now, with my laptop on my lap.  And it's almost the first time in a week.  The back's feeling a little sore, but so so much better!  (I've been taking ibuprofen, using heating rub, stretching...  I can walk fine, and I can lie down in some positions, but standing is only so so, and sitting has been painful.)  I've been working on top of a small bookshelf, standing to read, make notes, grade, and so forth.  It's less than efficient.

I've spent a lot of time lying around on my back, and stretching, both of which help.

In other news, my campus HR folks made a bit of a hash of my paycheck, and paid me as if I were on sabbatical (which I was going to be, but then not).  Let's just say it was a bit of a shock to get about half the paycheck I was expecting.  Now they said I could come pick it up and deposit the physical check in person.  Or I can wait and have it added into the next direct deposit check.  Ugh.

I'll post more soon, maybe later today, when I can sit down again.  For now, back to stretching!


  1. Not sure how the prices would compare, but I *love* the Euro Hotel, which is very close to the BL.

    Glad you are on the mend!

    1. I think this hotel was a bit cheaper, but the Euro Hotel didn't have any rooms available. So...

  2. Yikes, take care of yourself! Hope the back keeps improving.

    1. Thanks, it's steadily improving!