Thursday, July 29, 2010

Party On, Bardiac

The party continued this morning when I took some brownies to our departmental staff, and to the staff of another department. These folks are just great, the sorts of staff folks who make the whole community a better place.

And then I went for a bike ride to explore a bit with some friends. We found an overlook for a local dam (but I was walking my bike at that point, because my skinny tires just aren't made for off-roading). It was a fun ride. As long as I was just spinning on a near flat, it was great, but every time I hit even a slight upslope, my legs were complaining. We had a bit of a sprint near the end, and I hit 25.2. I think I'm going to play a bit more with the sprinting, because at this point I think my improvement is mostly just getting in the right gear to really stand up and power things up a bit, and that's just a bit of practice. (I think Mark Cavendish can rest easy, though.)

And then we had lunch. Yum!

And now I'm being lazy. I really need to go mow the back lawn, but just thinking about it makes my legs complain.

I dropped off the check for my birthday present beginning yoga classes!

And, I chatted with my sister in law, who is the best. All is good. I'm so lucky my sibling married someone wonderful.


  1. Yay for ongoing celebration! (And by "chatted," do you mean that you came out to her?)

  2. Yes, WN, sorry to be vague :)

  3. love the ongoing celebration!

    very happy news about your wonderful SIL, too.

  4. I'm so glad the conversation went well, Bardiac; I know these things are never easy, and it's great that you have such a supportive SIL!

    Have a happy ongoing birthday celebration!

  5. Happy birthday (belated at this point, I know) - and many happy returns throughout the year!

    Sending good thoughts your way -