Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kids These Days

I've been putting some seed up on the railings of my deck because several kinds of birds seem more comfortable eating there, especially when the fledglings are around.

I can see out to the railings, and it's very nice to watch what comes to feed.

A White-Breasted Nuthatch lands, just on one side of the little pile of seeds on the railing and begins to feed. A moment later, another lands, just on the other side of the little pile of seeds and immediately goes into the wing fluttering, crouching, and screaming behavior that baby birds use to get their parents to feed them.

I had to laugh. I imagine the adult (I presume) was sitting there thinking, "FEED YOURSELF!" And after a couple moments of unsuccessful begging, the juvenile (I presume) deigned to move its beak half an inch lower (if that) and actually pick up seed for itself.


  1. I can so sympathize with the adult bird, there!

  2. oh, yeah -- me too.

  3. Have you read The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill? I think you'd really like the descriptions of the interactions among the birds.