Monday, July 26, 2010

Computing Weirdness

NWU's IT folks just changed the system we use to read our email over the internet (at home or elsewhere off campus) about two weeks ago.

Ever since then, when I go to log in, it takes me to the log in page and I type in my information, and then about half the time, I get a screen that says it can't find that page.

If I go to another page, and then back to try to log in again, it usually logs me in just fine.

See, I tend to think that machinery should either work or not work. But this working sometimes thing is weird. I just don't get it.

But it's frustrating in that minorly frustrating way. It adds clicks before I get to see what I want to see. But that's it. It just adds clicks. It's not like the computer blows up and takes off my legs above the knees or anything (for which I AM grateful). So I feel a little silly calling the help line to ask about it.

I hate when the campus IT folks change stuff that works just fine because they're going to make it way better! It's like when Word decides to make every document Cambria with an extra space between paragraphs because some idiot thinks that's BETTER! Gah.

(I did call, and the computer guy had me clean out my whole browser thing and start fresh. But then the next time I tried the email, it did the same "can't load this page" thing. So I called again, and got a different guy, who said he couldn't help me but would tell the IT folks. I'm guessing there's a circular file somewhere with these sorts of complaints, eh?)


  1. do not get me started on word. i HATE that word thinks it knows just what i need, when actually it makes it hard for me to arrange things THE WAY I WANT THEM.

    ahem. i also have issues with my internet provider, also my email source, which randomly logs me out of email without consent. finally figured out to copy my email in progress [because at that point, i can no longer save] before logging back in and reconstructing the email. apparently they aren't interested in even acknowleging the bug, much less fixing it. as my own IT person, i am not really equipped to find a real solution. grr.

  2. Ah, yes, the computers that make our lives easier. Yesterday I was doing some library work from home, and every time I went into a database for one particular journal, it reported an error. But I could get into the database another way, and then could get to the journal. Go figure.

    As for Word: for years I held out and used WordPerfect, but I'm sending stuff to others, and I feel forced into Word. Sigh.

  3. I HATE that extra space between paragraphs in Word, especially in students' papers. Not a fan of Cambria, either.

  4. i still use WP for everything i can. fortunately, a lot of my colleagues do, too. the "reveal code" feature alone is worth its weight in gold.

  5. I HATE when it locks or freezes. I also hate when it says URL error only to refresh and it works fine like you said. But that's why they are machines, they are meant to irritate us!