Friday, June 22, 2007

The Week in Review

Some stuff accomplished:

*Made some appointments I've been putting off.

*Took a mower in to be fixed after I couldn't get it started. I think it's 8 years old now, and hasn't been tuned up, so I'm hoping this helps!

*I've ridden just over 100 miles this week, including a new hilly trail and road area south of my house. I also solo tried another trail some friends showed me last year, which was a really nice change; it was a longish drive to get there, but worth it!

*Did some reading, but not nearly as much as I needed to.

*Planted more plants.

Overall, not the most successful week, but not horrific, either. I'm not spending enough time on my language study! I need to change that.

I'm not reading and writing enough. I need to change that.

I have plans for a long ride tomorrow. Here's hoping for not too hot weather. A friend's son is going to ride with me, a charming, nice guy in his late teens. He's either going to kick my rear in terms of speed and stamina, or he's going to be a sore puppy. He doesn't ride much, but he has all the advantages of being a male teen who does physical labor a lot.

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