Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bike Math

Ignore this!

Odometer on old bike on Jan 1: 725
Odometer on old bike now: 1284
Miles on old bike so far this year: 559

Miles on new bike before computer: 91 (Yay for marked trails!)

Total miles so far this year, pre-new bike computer: 650

Hey, not bad!

I got my new bike computer yesterday, so I thought I'd put the numbers somewhere easy to find them.

I rode 35 miles this morning, and can I just say, bonk.

I ate an orange a little over half way, and drank a couple liters of water (I carry 2, poured some over me, drank lots, refilled, poured more over me. I look like an idiot, but it feels nice!)

I'm still adjusting to the new bike; the drops are a little lower relative to the seat than my old, and my wrists get sore when I go very long. But I iced them, and now they feel nice and relaxed again.

The good news is that it's taking a little longer for them to get sore, so I think the core exercise thing is helping a little. And the saddle's feeling more comfortable at the same time, so I think the core thing and my legs getting used to the clipless is working.


The current fixation: chocolate ice cream. (I'm blaming Artemis because she talked about chocolate the other day, but really... to be fair, she didn't talk about chocolate ice cream. And yes, I'm also thinking lots about strawberries.)

I'm trying really hard to eat a good diet and lose weight, and get lots of exercise, which should make the losing weight thing work, right? It's summer! If I'm going to do it, summer is the time! (Lower stress, time to exercise, fresh veggies and such at the farmers' market.)

But I keep obsessing about chocolate ice cream.

If you hear about a random biker mugging an ice cream truck in the Northwoods, please send bail money!


  1. It's not my fault! (And, no, it's not a cheese curds kind of weirdness -- I just don't like chocolate covered anything, unless it's more chocolate...)

    And if I've learned anything about cravings, it's give in early and have a few bites of what you really want -- otherwise, you run the risk of eating way too much of everything else, and then eating what you wanted in the first place, too.

  2. I agree with Artemis. Have some chocolate ice cream if you want it. But rather than buying it at the store, head over to your local ice cream shop and get a single scoop cone. Thus, avoiding the half finished half-gallon of ice cream in the freezer tempting you.

  3. Artemis, Chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce! /nod

    Dulci, I gave in and got a quart of yummy ice cream :)