Friday, June 08, 2007

Bardiac the Athlete

I fell with my new bike.

While standing over it in the garage practicing clicking into the cleat of my clipless pedal. I sort of forgot about the clicking out part, which was what I should have been practicing. Oops.


The week's accomplishments:

Read and responded to a colleague's work
Made a car oil change appointment for next week
Made an eye (prescription) appointment for next week (I hate that I'm going to lose most of a day to having my eyes too dilated to focus close or go outside)
Planted 30+ plants in the yard
Weeded front yard and a little of the back, too
Mowed 2/3rds of my mowing
Looked up stuff for an essay I'm brewing (it's NOT Shakespeare, or even drama, so I feel especially clueless)
Looked up stuff for an essay I'm revising (to see what's come out since I last worked on it, thankfully, looks like little!)
Learned the first symbols for my new language
Started reading The Omnivore's Dilemma for my reading group. Fascinating so far!

To do:
Ride the bike for real (it's been lousy riding weather mostly lately; I need to start working up to the century, but it's got to stop being so rainy!)
Mow the other 1/3 of my mowing
Weed the rest of the yard
Read and respond to another colleague's work
Read stuff for my essays
Pre-write for the essay I'm brewing
Make the other appointments I need to make (I wait for summer)
Call lawn company about the dandelion farm outside


  1. Awww, B. Sorry to hear about your tumble. A garage is a pretty safe space though ...

    I spent a couple of hours doing the same in the safety of my living room -- lots of soft places to fall. I just put on a movie and clipped in and out through most of it while sitting on my bike. I think it helped.

    How that things have settled down post-move, I'm going to start focusing a bit more on my century training. Meg is coming to visit on Friday, too and possibly bringing her bike, so I'm getting ready to have my biking ass whupped!

    The weather's cleared up here a bit, but the past week has been shitty for riding.

    Have you named New Bike? I finally decided to name mine Bluebell (so dubbed by a friend).

  2. Amanda, Nope, I don't tend to name stuff, mostly, except as a sort of joke. Hope you have some great rides with Meg!