Saturday, February 24, 2024

Beginning in media res

Saturday - It's been a while.  I've been meaning to get caught up, but I have a problem getting pictures from my phone organized onto the computer.  So there won't be many pictures until I figure that out better.

Still I like that this blog is a sort of record of my travels, so now that I'm on travels, here goes.

Today is my first full day of about a month in Berlin.  I came in by train from Frankfurt yesterday, a train right that was more bust than not.  Even though I supposedly had a window seat, there wasn't much window, so I didn't get to see much.  

I'd flown from Barcelona to Berlin the day before, and thought I'd manage to walk around a bit in Frankfurt, but it turned out not so much, because I was lugging stuff.  I''m travelling with my old backpack, a carryon size hard luggage, and a small day pack.  It's not bad for two months in different climates, but still a lot to lug around.

So, today, day one in Berlin.  I got up after a good sleep in my little apartment, and found my way to the underground train station close to me (about a block).  And I bought a month ticket.  At least, I hope it's that.  And then I took the train to the only station name I recognized, the Alexanderplatz.  I walked around there.  I lost my reading glasses (I think I left them on the plane to Frankfurt), so asked in an apothecary, and the woman there suggested another store, and voila, reading glasses!  I also managed to find an ATM and get more cash.  (Berlin seems much more cash-favoring than Barcelona.) 

I walked around near the Alexanderplatz, and went into the St. Nicholaskirche museum, which was interesting.  I have a feeling Berlin is going to be very different to Barcelona in many ways, but a big one is that everything was bombed during the war.  Other differences:  Barcelona is way more full of tourists, and the metro system is way easier to understand from the point of view of someone who doesn't know their way around.  Also, I'm at that point of German where everything I try to say comes out in Spanish.  Very frustrating!

I'm going on a tour of a concentration camp tomorrow.  I think it will be hard, but it's important not to forget such things.

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