Sunday, January 09, 2022


Things are better...

There was a lot of sitting around in my Mom's hospital room waiting.  And then more waiting.

On Thursday, they finally were able to transfer her to the rehab/nursing facility we wanted, and they'd started reducing her dosage of the one drug, and she'll have her last dose today (Monday).  (I guess it's a thing where they taper people off rather than going cold turkey?)

At the rehab place, the doctor looked at the discharge information and told my brother that he thought that drug might be causing drowsiness.  (My brother came Thursday evening, and is staying through the weekend to help her get settled.)

I came home on Saturday, and got ready for a full week of work.

My Mom was still really drowsy all day Sunday, so here's hoping that she starts being less drowsy.

Thanks for all the kind thoughts for us.

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  1. Doctors. I don't mean this in an "I told you so" sort of way, just commiserating, but it's typical that the ones who actually deal with patients of a certain type, in this case old people (people of Age?), have more insight into side effects in that population than the ones in the hospital who deal with a wider range of people and also more urgent situations. And it's very frustrating for the families who want to do the right thing and may be afraid to argue with the doctors, but also know their family members better than the staff could.

    Anyway, best wishes, and I hope things continue to get as much better as they can.