Tuesday, March 02, 2021

And Now What?

 We requested for three people to have fully on line schedules for fall, and were turned down on all fronts.

The good: the dean just told the registrar's office to make the change, rather than telling me to make the change.

The bad: my colleagues will be at greater risk.

My question: Part of me really wants to resign as chair and retire and let someone else deal with this crap.  But...  I'd feel really awful doing so in some ways.  And really good in others.


And still, our administrators are working remotely, for the most part.  Of the ten special parking spaces, two are usually filled on any given day.  Now, maybe there aren't fully 10 people with slots.  But there are more than two.

Leading firmly from the very back, miles behind whatever trenches we imagine ourselves in.


There was an article in Forbes recently saying that more than half of tenured university faculty have considered leaving the field or retiring early.  I posted it on my effbee page, and bunches of people have said that yes, they're doing one or the other.


  1. We're also supposed to be going all f2f in the fall, and our chair has let us know that exceptions will be very hard to get.

    I can see why at-risk people would leave rather than risk their lives, especially if they have other options.

    1. Anonymous6:01 PM

      We've gotten the same message. I was worried, but now I'm feeling better about it since the news has indicated that all adults who want to will be vaccinated by then.

  2. We're not being allowed to give any exceptions for people with health risks.

    I'm hating this.