Monday, February 17, 2020

With Every Assignment Due, Disaster Strikes

I have the first semi-big assignment due in one of my classes today, and disaster struck.  There's one car repair, one ill relative, one aging pet, and several oops, I didn't get it done because...

I don't doubt any of them, either.  I think the thing that's most changed in me over the years about handling disasters or non-disasters is that I'm less cranky (or less overtly cranky) about the need to turn in some things late.

It's not that I'm happy, but if you're 18 and a loved one is ill, or your car breaks down, or you mis-time things and have to work a long shift, I'm more inclined now to be sympathetic.

It's a tad frustrating to try to get a pile graded and then have to add more, but a whole lot less bad than having a loved one ill or something.

Strep and flu seem to be hitting hard locally, too.  And to be honest, if a student is feeling sick, it seems better to me that they stay home and try to take good care of themselves, and not spread whatever.  But, yeah...  I wish they never got sick (and not only for my convenience).

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