Sunday, April 28, 2019

Week 50/66: Back to my Happy Place

I'm off to the British Library this coming week for a two week visit.  I have reading plans, theater plans, and fun plans.

But first, I have a lot to get done.

Today, I planted some garden seeds...

It's too early for some things, probably (given our average frost dates), but some things will probably be okay.  Yesterday, I planted some native flower seed in my deck planters, so hopefully they'll be okay.

I thnk I've made all the travel and hotel arrangements I need, and have theater tickets.

I need to do the union books before I go, and make sure all our dues are paid up.  And I need to write a check to reimburse an officer for some expenses.

And I need to get my computer checked for viruses.

I really need to practice violin (which is what I'm doing after I finish posting), clean the house a bit, and do some laundry.  And I need to find my passport (it should be pretty easy), my BL reader's card (should be easy), and figure out what to pack, and yes, pack.

I need to fill out a form for my financial advisor.

So the list is getting more manageable...


  1. What London hotels do you like? We're planning a visit later this summer. Enjoy your trip!

    1. I was introduced to the Tavistock last time I was in the UK, and quite like it. It's about 10-15 min from King's Cross and the British Library in one direction, and the British Museum in another, in the Bloomsbury area. All the rooms have en suite bathrooms and it's quite reasonable. The breakfast is only okay, though...