Thursday, January 18, 2018

Professional Development

The other day, I went to a professional development session that was supposed to be on diversity.  It wasn't so much on diversity as it was on communication strategies.  And then it played up the sort of super magic (white) teacher who can make all the difference if just...  So that wasn't good.  But some of the communication strategies were interesting.

The leader had us all get together with someone we'd never met.  So I ended up with someone who's on the facilities side of the university, someone who does work that's pretty much completely different from mine, whose work rarely involves contact with students (though some student workers, maybe).  At least that was interesting.

How much contact do you have with people on your campuses who's work is totally different from your own?  I don't have much.  I know some administrative folks, of course, and administrative assistants, and some of the janitors who work in my building.  But other than that?  Not much.  I don't know food workers (except for in my building), maintenance or budgeting folks, and so on.  To be honest, I don't really think much about the people who manage stuff that's not overtly centered on students.

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