Saturday, October 29, 2016

By the Wayside

Every so often, I'll look at a blogroll, and think how much I miss certain blogging voices.  And maybe I'll click over, just in case. 

Today, I found a link to a State Park place where I may have been before (or not); I have vague memories of a place that looks a lot like the pictures on line.  But maybe a lot of places look like that and I just don't realize it?

And I found a blog I used to read that's been updated, A Gentleman's C.  (I must be the last person alive who doesn't use an RSS feed.)


  1. I use feedly and it's the only way I keep up with any blogs at all (though I feel as if I'm doing it badly). But it's fun to feel the serendipity at work when something pops up on my browser that I need to read and didn't know about, rather like those pictures and than revived blog!

  2. No, I am! Thank you for the update. I missed the Angry Professor.