Monday, May 09, 2016

Of All the Skype Accounts, in All the Towns, in All the World . . .

I have a pretty unique name.  Face it, how many parents call their kid "Bardiac"?  But probably on Skype, there are dozens of me.

I'm setting up skype interviews for our interdisciplinary basketweaving search, and holy cow, finding people can be hard!

I've given everyone my skype name, and several have done the contact thing ahead.  Others, I have their exact skype name, and found them.

But just searching a name?  Ugh.

This is one of those mornings where I've gotten a lot done, every one of them necessary and important.  But I haven't gotten to some of the stuff that's less vital right this second.  The thing is, the deadline for grading these papers is approaching, and I really need to get with the program!

I went to my violin teacher's recital yesterday.  Holy smokes.  I feel sort of bad taking up her time with my beginning skills, you know?  (Except she's totally enthusiastic, so that makes me not feel bad.)  The music was amazing.

And I went home and practiced my new scale.  Because that's where I'm at.

Earlier in the weekend, I went to a studio recital of my teacher's studio.  Some of the students were so darned good!  One of the students played a song I recognize from the Suzuki Book 1 CD, so I'm guessing their a beginner, just a bit more advanced than I am.  And you know what?  The student sounded pretty darned good for where their at!  They did a good job!  That gives me hope!

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