Sunday, November 22, 2015


I had a most special day yesterday.

It begins like this.  Back in the beginning of time, the first house I lived in was across the street from a family.  That family had three kids, right around the ages of my brother and I (that is, toddlers and infants, basically).  Our mothers traded babysitting one afternoon a week for a couple of hours, so that the free mother could have a break.  So we played together.

Then my family moved.  But we still kept in touch, just not as much.

And their family moved, but we still kept in touch, just not as much.

And we started school, at different schools, but we still kept in touch, still felt affection, in that way.

And then, a year or so ago, we reconnected on facebook, the younger sister and I, first, learning that one of my cousins is in the same line of work in the same area, and they know each other and respect each other a lot.  And then the older sister, who'd gone off to the City Like No Other to become an actress.  She's successful enough that you've probably never heard of her, but have probably seen her on TV, or if you go to plays, on stage.

And she's now touring with a touring company of a Broadway show, with her name in lights, so to speak.

And the tour is in the Midwest.

So, we arranged to get together, and I got myself a ticket to the show.  (The matinee, because I'm a rube who had a longish drive just to get to the city.)

I was a little intimidated because we haven't seen each other in a long while, and we live very different lives.

But, you know, it was just wonderful.  We had the same feelings of friendship, but as adults who care for each others' families, too.  I don't know how to explain it, but my heart felt full and happy.  My friend was wonderful in the show, getting the laughs just where she was supposed to.

I'm so glad I went, so glad we reconnected in person.

We have vague plans to reconnect in the summer.  I'm excited!

I know a lot of people complain about facebook and the hatred people post.  I don't deny that some people post some awful stuff, and others post irritating stuff.  But I've reconnected with this friend, and my uncle's older sister, and a few other people, and I'm so happy to have those people in my life, even at a distance.


  1. These are the stories that make me happy we have social media such as FB. Glad you made that reconnection and have hopes of more in the future!

  2. That is a lovely reunion!

  3. I've had similar reconnections on Facebook, which is why I don't abandon it entirely. FB can really be a wonderful tool for those connections. I'm glad you reconnected with these folks! It sounds terrific!

  4. I think the thing about people you knew as kids is that there is a set of references you have and family history that is really comforting. The people I knew in elementary school, well, they have certain contexts. Which is really cool.

    And I think one of the best things about fb is the cousins I'm in touch with. . .