Saturday, October 31, 2015


I made a good start to the weekend last night, and read half of a play I'm teaching next week.  I can't seem to find teaching notes for it, which probably means I've never made a folder (either physical or virtual).  GRRRR.  I've taught this play several times before, and enjoyed teaching it, so I should have notes.  But I couldn't find them.  So I need to make sure I make a folder this time.

I have about 50 papers to grade this weekend.  But what I really want to do is go buy some things!  I've gotten to a point where a lot of my winter socks are wearing at the heels.  They're going to wear through soon, and I want new socks!  And I want some new long johns (tops).  I have four "technical" long johns base layers sorts of tops, and they're great.  But I want another color.  (First world problems!)  (Long johns make winter way better!)

I have really good news.  A couple I know, really fine, good people, are formally adopting a child they've been fostering.  I'm so happy for the whole family!  I've even arranged for someone to teach an hour of my class so I can go witness the happy event.

I need to think of a present.  Maybe a game?  Maybe a book for the child and flowers for the parents?  Something joyful.  (The child is a girl, about 11 years old.  Because we don't live really close, I don't know the child very well.  What I know of her, though, is that she's really fun, plays soccer and such.)

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