Monday, July 06, 2015

In a Flat Place

I spent much of today in a flat place.  A very big flat place, thought not entirely flat.

And then I got to a less flat place.

And now I'm in a very not flat place.

And I've cleaned my camera lens, which I probably should have done a long time ago.  (Or maybe I should take it in and have it cleaned?)  I also just realized that the grippy part of the camera, the sort of bulgy area on the right side of an DSLR, had a grippy film on it, which is now about half worn away.

At any rate, I'm on my way to a reunion of my Peace Corps group, and then will do a road trip with my Mom who's never driven across country this way.  I hope it goes well all around.


  1. Looks great! Hope you have a terrific trip!

  2. Shane in Utah4:20 PM

    Are you coming through Salt Lake City? I'd be happy to give you a bicycle tour of some very not-flat canyons. ;-) Or a beautiful valley floor ride, if you don't care for climbing 10%+ grades.

  3. Hi Shane, No, sorry! I went through Montana and ended in the Portland area. Another time!