Friday, May 22, 2015

I Should Be Grading

The universal feeling around here right now.

It's weird when it's hard to start a new pile even though you've made decent progress and a half day would probably see you through the pile.  And yet it's hard to start.

I came to campus today, the last day of finals, to give a final in a colleague's class because they're still unwell.  I'm grateful to be the one able to fill in, and not the one who needs filling in, if that makes sense.

Utterly flat day at the Giro today, so a sprint expected.  Still, I'll have it on in the background while I grade before the final.  It's been an interesting Giro so far; breakaways have been more successful than usual, it seems, in part because on expected sprint days, there's only one team really working for the sprint, and they alone can't bring back a strong breakaway.

Okay, and now I really AM going to get back to grading.

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