Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Starts Now

Meet the two newest members of the BardiacShack household!

They're red pines, and they're about 3 feet tall right now, maybe 4.  (It's hard to get the combination of heights right when you plant on a slope and want to leave a nice berm to help hold in water.)  I know they don't look like much, but about five years ago now, I planted some white pines, and now here they are:

So things do grow!

Happily, my neighbors' dog is here and helped me.  (NOT.)

At any rate, she is always lovely to have around, very good company!

When I first moved here, about 11 years ago now, I planted 6 trees.  Two white pines (not the ones above), two tamaracks (one has died, alas), a hawthorne, and this sugar maple.  It's always a bit slow to leaf out in spring, but it sure has grown!

And finally, some crocus in the back yard, because they're beautiful.
I saw my first ever Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker on Thursday.  At first I thought it was a scruffy Downy Woodpecker, but then I saw that it wasn't, and voila, it was a Y-B Sapsucker!

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  1. We're still a bit away from crocus weather but, oh, the melt is proceeding apace and there are bigger spots of lawn than snowbanks now. Hooray for spring (and spotting a Y-B sapsucker - cool!)!