Sunday, March 30, 2014

Political Discourse in the Midwest

We've got an important local election coming up.  There are a couple of referenda (is that the plural?) and city council stuff.  But the political discourse, even of the candidate I favor, is all about growing up in the area and family.  At least I didn't see the church reference.

The candidate I don't favor adds a bit about making the community "safe" (for raising kids) and "affordable."  Now we all want people to be safe in our communities, but I think this is coded.  And the "affordable" is about lowering taxes even more.

How can our communities be "safe" in the long run if we don't tax ourselves to support schools, roads, parks, and so forth?  Yet another reason why I will never be in politics!

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  1. Shane in Utah3:46 PM

    In the small town in northern Utah where I lived until recently, the political bios candidates send in the mail all play up the candidates' pioneer ancestors that moved to the valley in the mid-nineteenth century. Even if I had the faintest interest in running for political office, my latecomer status (I only lived there 8 years, after all) would have precluded it. Now I'm in Salt Lake, which is a rather more cosmopolitan place. I'm still not interested in running for office, though.