Friday, August 16, 2013

Why Does it Seem, Always...

...that any time I need to ask an administrative type a specific question, they are on vacation or away?

When I wanted to ask for help with a grant proposal, and people had suggested that I ask administrator X to read over it for me, telling me that X was always happy to do so and very helpful, Administrator X was on vacation during the week preceding the grant deadline.

And today, when I wanted to ask a different administrator a question so I could finish up something for next week, at 3:30 on a Friday afternoon, there's no answer in that office.  My call rolled from the number I called to an another administrator's voicemail (same office). 

Want to bet that if these folks all expect me to be in my office to attend to whatever their concerns are at the exact moment they call?  You know they do.  I wonder what the folks over in the Fort would think if I left town the week before my students had a major paper due, so they couldn't ask for help? 

Obviously, I think administrators do work.  I just never seem to catch them at it when I really need help with something that's their bailiwick.


  1. I have wondered that myself! Also hit with a random administrator off Friday off this week, and leaving at 3 (or at least before 3:30) on Thursday. They say they'll be back on Monday. Hopefully we'll get what we need to analyze before the report is due at the end of the month even though classes are starting.

  2. Well, it IS August, Bardiac! Administrators at my uni can only take 2 weeks of vaycay, so I bet this is a popular time to beat it.