Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Words Fail Me

I'm so ready for the semester to end, and I'm not the only one.  I think the whole state is in a grand funk.

And we're expecting more snow. 

I'd put some seeds in small starter planters last week, including sunflower seeds.  They were doing that sprouting and growing with the seed covering still on the initial leaf things.  (I think there's a technical term for those, and it's not quite the same as leaf.  But I can't really remember now.  I'll be sure to call at 2am when I do remember.)  Anyway, yesterday while I was home, I thought that it would be a good idea to let the new seedlings be outside so that I could transplant them once we get out of snow season.

So I put them outside.

And about half an hour later, I glanced out, and they were all gone, with just the seed coverings left.  I'm pretty sure some bird came by and got a lovely snack.  [expletives deleted]

I handed back papers today in one class.  I was feeling a little bad because several students really bombed the paper.  I was less sad when those same students didn't bother showing up for class.  And less sad still when one of the bombers complained about hir grade.  I actually used the word "crappy" to describe the work.  I could easily have used a worse word, but I was trying to be gentle.

Several students, however, did absolutely beautiful pieces of work.  Some more did good, solid work that really showed they could do good, solid work.  Sometimes, that's as good as my day gets.

Did I mention I'm ready for spring?

One of my friends was complaining about the snow on effbee, and another friend consoled by offering that we'd had good news: Summer is supposed to fall on a Saturday this year.

Please, please let it be spring and let the semester end!


  1. I sympathize with your sunflower seed problem...our neighbors grow beautiful big sunflowers every year, but we must be doing something wrong because the ones we plant get eaten. Every single sunflower seedling, every year. I've tried talking to the birds: "Be patient! Let the seeds grow and you'll have more sunflower seeds than you can imagine!" But they don't listen any better than our students do.

  2. Cotyledons?

    The birds and mice compete to get to my pea seedlings...