Saturday, November 10, 2012

Computer Suckage

The IT folks here put through some big "upgrade" and it was one of those things where you have to turn off your computer again, even though it was off, and then internet explorer ran like molasses.  I switched over to another browser, which keeps giving me messages that I should upgrade this or that thing that I never use.  Now maybe I should have switched over years ago, but the fact is, I shouldn't be forced to switch because our IT folks make things run like ^*(&(.  It should be because I want to or find it better, or whatever.

And then you have to set up things yet again, which since I do it rarely, always takes me longer than it would if I were an IT person and did it every day.

More job searchy stuff soon, maybe, if folks are interested?

I needed to vent about my computer stuff.  And now, back to work.

1 comment:

  1. I'd love to hear more search related stuff. It's always nice to hear things from the committee side for those of us who are applying places.