Saturday, February 05, 2011


My nephew took me downhill skiing today. It was my first time in very many years. And it was fun!

I have a few observations: it's WAY easier riding a ski lift than climbing on cross country skis. Way easier.

I felt like I wasn't working nearly as hard skiing at any point, though it was lots of fun. But after several hours, I was good and tired.

The poor young men who babysit the ski lifts must get bored silly.

Snowboarding looks even more fun and more difficult up close.

ps. No Bardiac was injured in the preparation of this post. (Much to my surprise, I did a lot better skiing than I thought I would. And did I mention, I had a LOT of fun? Did I also mention that my nephew was patient, kind, and helpful getting me started and helping me ski? He was. I wish I could take credit, but I'm proud of him anyway.)


  1. I've started downhill skiing this year, and am appreciating how warm my hands stay while x-c skiing vs. the lift. My thumbs get so cold! But otherwise, I've been happily surprised by how much some of my x-c experience seems to be helping me out on the downhill. It's not bad.Glad I'm not the only grownup checking out a new sport!

  2. I took my kids downhill for the first time last month, and each of them did far better than one would have expected for a first time. I am TOTALLY crediting their years on the XCskis, next to which downhill is a cakewalk.