Monday, August 24, 2009

Petty Decisions

I'm stuck on a couple of decisions. And when I tell you about these, you'll realize just how dull and unimportant my life is.

Heart Monitor. I'm thinking about getting a heart rate monitor for working out. What I'd really like is to just rent one for a week or two, but I'm guessing that's not so common. I'd like to know what my max rate is, and how I do at a couple different riding intensities. For example, when I try my 15 mile "go as fast as I can" ride, how hard am I actually pushing? When I go up Moose Hill, how hard am I working?

But once I know the basic numbers, I doubt I'd really wear the monitor so much. One hint I have about this is that I have a couple friends who've said they have a heart monitor, but they don't use it or know where it is, even.

Or, I could get obsessive about it, which might not be so great. Or maybe it will help me stay focused on exercising this winter?

Fat Cyclist Jersey. I don't really need a new bike jersey. And I'm uncertain about men's or women's (my shoulders like men's, my hips like women's). And I'm also uncertain about the color. I like the orange color better (I'm not a pink sort of woman) but I like the Team Fatty part.

Have I mentioned that I won't be paid until October? Yeah, and this summer was expensive, not only in the trip to Yellowstone, which I'd planned on, but having my Mom and niece here added up (especially in gas/travel money and eating out).

The heart monitor would be more fun to get while it's still decent biking weather. Reading the reviews makes me think I'm thinking about a Polar F11, but that's probably way more than I really "need." And the Fat Cyclist jersey is on pre-order for a limited time.

You know what I'm probably going to do? Wait until the F11 is no longer made, and then rethink over again, and then decide to get a jersey the day after the pre-ordering period is over.

I'm really pathetically bad at real life.


  1. Why not see if you can borrow a heart monitor off one of the friends who doesn't use theirs? Or see if anyone on Freecycle can lend you one? You can always buy later if you get hooked. I've been flat broke for the past year, and got a load of stuff I needed through swopsies.

  2. *Ahem.* Just jumping in here because this is one of the things I'd really like to buy, just for fun, right now, but have no money. The people at the spin classes tell me that you can get a decent heart monitor that does everything you'll need for a workout for about $30. I'm currently pondering the "Omron" over at Amazon. Unfortunately my birthday is not for a long time so I either have to wait or put it on the credit card. Probably I'll just wait.

  3. Heart monitors help you both exercise at your max, but also not exercise too much. (I routinely go above where I should, as if I were 20 years younger.) So they are actually good... and Sis is right, you don't have to pay an arm and a leg. I have a polar, which I have used on and off; alas the chest strap stretched and it's now awkward, and I'm thinking I will get another one.

  4. I got a heart monitor as a gift. Used it a few times...but that's it. Made me feel a little lazy, I'd think I was working hard, but wasn't.